Senior Living Activities

Seniors who are engaged socially and actively are not only physically and mentally healthier, but they can actually delay health problems such as cardiovascular disease and even Alzheimer’s according to the National Institute of Health. This is why Bright Space senior living communities are dedicated to providing a dynamic and thriving environment for seniors, offering a lifestyle full of innovative entertainment, cultural experiences, new hobbies, adventures, and of course, new friends.

Leisure Activities

Every one of our communities features a Recreational Director with one goal: to provide the most enriching lifestyle for our residents. The Recreational Director creates a resident-driven calendar of engaging activities including themed socials, holiday parties, wellness activities, outings to local attractions, live entertainment, shopping excursions and a wide variety of other events.

Because learning continues at every age, Bright Space communities hold regular active discussions and educational seminars facilitated by local professionals. We explore a wide-variety of topics that are relevant to seniors. Residents often favor interactive seminars discussing health and wellness, Veterans benefits, travel and exploring other cultures.

Culinary Activities

The dining room is more than just a place for home-cooked meals – at Bright Space it is the heart of each community. Chef’s Tastings, cooking classes, themed dinners, and “Lunch and Learn” seminars keep our dining rooms active and social. Residents are encouraged to invite guests to our dining room, for a meal or for an exciting event.

Wellness Activities

We try to ensure that healthy body completes a healthy mind and spirit for every resident of Bright Space. Each community offers an innovative wellness program that includes fitness equipment and exercise classes specifically tailored for seniors. From chair yoga and arthritis stretches to water aerobics and tai chi, each community offers classes geared towards every level of independence to help all residents stay active and healthy.