Retirement Tips

Every Senior Living Community is a different experience. It is important to find an atmosphere that you can be comfortable in and a community that works with you and your family’s interests, expectations, and budget.

Research Communities and Visit

The first step is to gather a list of communities near you that offer the services you are looking for in a community. The Internet is a wonderful way to begin gathering information on communities in your area. Once you have ascertained which communities you are actually interested in, it is time to schedule visits. The only way to truly experience the atmosphere and lifestyle offered at each location is through an in-person visit. Be prepared for these visits and bring a list of questions with you. Click here to see a personal visit checklist.

After your initial visit there should be one or two standout communities that you felt comfortable in. The best way to further explore whether the lifestyle is right for you is to stay a while. Join the current residents for lunch, a social activity, even a fitness class. You will not only get a feel for the lifestyle, but you will have an opportunity to socialize with other residents and ask them questions about their experiences in the community.


Congratulations, you have chosen your new home and are ready to move! No matter how exciting this next chapter in your life will be, the transition can be overwhelming, so it’s best to be prepared. Follow these guidelines for an easier move-in:
• Paperwork. Make sure you have filled out all necessary paperwork before your move-in day, make copies of all important documents store them in a safe place.
• Budget. Discuss all fees with the staff of the community and make sure you are comfortable and know which fees are due before move-in day.
• Plan. Know the measurements of the rooms in your new home, and the size of your own furniture, that way you will know how much space you will have and what you can take with you. Make lists of what you want to take with you, what you want to put in storage, and what you might like to give away. Provide new contact information to your family and friends.

Your New Home

Exciting outings, new friends, and diverse activities await you! The quickest way to feel comfortable in your new surroundings is to treat it like your home. Attend social events, sign up for classes, try out your new available amenities! Invite your friends and family to visit you for lunch or even join you in your favorite activity, introduce them to your new friends, and watch as your lifestyle begins to blossom.