Talking to Your Parents About Their Retirement

Transitioning into a retirement community can be a rejuvenating and exciting chapter in your life, however it can also be overwhelming. Broaching the topic early and slowly can often ease the conversation and make the transition more natural when it is time to make the move. Starting the conversation early also allows to research different communities, plan a budget, and begin planning for the future.

Approaching the subject

It is sometimes difficult to predict how a loved one will react to discussing the possibility of senior living. Make sure you are prepared before you being the conversation, research any and all concerns your parent or loved one may have such as:

“I am no ready to leave my home yet”
“It is too expensive”
“I don’t want to leave my family and friends”
“I feel safer in my own home”

A casual way to start the conversation is by simply asking if your parent has ever considered senior living as future retirement option, they may already be considering a retirement community for the future! Always be respectful of your loved one’s feelings and really listen to their wants and needs. Understanding what they are looking for in their retirement lifestyle can help you respond to any concerns and find a community that is a good match for them. Remember to let them know that this decision is theirs to make, although you would be happy to help in any way. Communicating openly and honestly contributes to making this discussion healthy.

Give them some time

Part of the benefit of addressing the conversation early is that if your parent does not seem initially interested, you don’t need to be pushy. This decision is theirs and it is important not to pressure them. By giving them time you can act as a support system and positive influence. Making the decision to move to a Senior Living community is a major life decision so allowing it to happen naturally instead of with haste will make the experience less stressful and overwhelming.

Begin planning and ask for help

When your loved one is ready to consider a senior living community remember be supportive and try not to attempt to control the process. Instead, work as a team to research the options in your area and plan visits. If you do have questions or concerns as you begin to look, allow us to help you! With decades of experience in senior living, we are happy to guide you through this sometimes overwhelming process. Start with our helpful Retirement Tips and before you tour a community, look at our personal visit checklist.